You think the world may never care. What is it to them anyways? That statement is never true, there is always someone out there who cares, but how? If not how, then who?

Who could care about a nobody right? The answer is wrong, You are someone, something so amazing, so incredible that the world will have to care. You make the big world so bright. You illuminate and radiate the sky. Color beyond the limit to speak, That is who you are.

But WHY? Why are you special? Why do people care so much? Gee, the world could only care if they believed in you, if they saw a spark. That must mean the world can see an explosion in your heart. An explosion filled with color and love and vibrance and they must see a sky filled with tons of blues and never a cloud in sight.

Listen here, YOU mean SOMETHING, even if the world is very small, that would make you a million feet tall, right? Please don’t let anyone get to you. Crystals fill the air with the oxygen you breathe into life.

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