The Wonders of Love

“When did you fall in love with daddy?” Annabell asked her mother. She didn’t just want to know she needed to know. Especially the day when Tyler, ( Annabells boyfriend), gave her a promise ring. It was the first ring she had ever gotten from a boy.  She was super excited to see a white diamond wrapped around her finger.  After all Tyler was the perfect gentleman. Claudia was however frightened to see her beloved daughter so happy with the ring that Tyler had given her. Claudia barely even knew Tyler, but seeing her daughter upset made her stomach cringe. She loved Annabell very much.

Claudia had been married to Luke for over 25 years. Annabell wanted to ask him for advice, but he only shows her tough love. ” Well honey, when I first met you father I could not keep him out of my head, he was so good looking and just as sweet as pie on a summers day. When we touched I could feel the static in the air.”

” Mom I wish you would like Tyler more, one day I know he will pop that question. I will say yes to him, I love him momma. I don’t care what you or papa have to say about anything.

*Door slams*

“Excuse me? What did you say young lady?’

“Honey, to your room while your father and I talk things through.  Just go to bed you have school in the morning.”

Annabell begins to walk upstairs as she listens to the beginning of the conversation. She makes it half way up before they cant see her anymore.

“Luke give her a chance, she is so happy now. She hasn’t talked to me in months and now she has come out of her shell.”

Claudia, I remember falling in love with you, and I fall in love with you everyday. My daughter is only 16, and I will not have her running off with some boy! I don’t care how old he is, or how much he loves our daughter.”

Luke goes in to kiss Claudia goodnight when she begins to let her tears fall down.

“You’re drunk Luke, you promised me you were done with all of this.”

When Claudia finishes her last word Luke slaps her across the face.

“Maybe now you will realize who runs things around here, because it certainly is not you, all you are is a dirty house wench.”

Annabell ran up to her room and locked her door. She started packing the only things she needed. When Annabell was nearly done she called Tyler on the phone.

” Hey beautiful, is everything okay? You are normally in bed by now.”


“Baby, we need to run away, It is the only way to be together now. My dad slapped my mom at the idea of me marrying you.”

“WAIT! WHAT!?! Marriage? That ring was only a promise ring.”

“I know Tyler, but you also said you wanna be with me till we turn grey…”

Annabell begins to cry harder.

“Yeah babe but I cant run away right now. I am really sorry, I have to stay in college I have one year left.”

Annabell cant believe her ears. She hung up the phone and opened her desk.

How could Luke do this to her? All she wanted to do is make him happy. Annabell grabbed her pills from her desk and began to swallow one by one. Tyler kept trying to call her, knowing something was wrong, so he made a run to her house and climbed up to the roof until he reached the window to her room. The window was already opened and he saw her lying cold and still on the cold hard floor. It was already three in the morning and everyone was fast asleep. He couldn’t make out her heartbeat, he tried everything. He ran down the all until he reached her parents room. He barged in waking the unhappy couple.

“Tyler, what do you think you’re doing here? What is going on?”

“Annabell took too many, she wouldn’t listen to me. It is all my fault, I lover her so but I cant marry her just yet, I have college and and….” Tyler began to cry.

“Claudia call 9-1-1, Tyler come with me back to Annabell.”

As Claudia raced to her phone, Tyler and Luke ran to Anna’s side. Luke held her head up as Tyler pushed on her stomach and putting his finger down her throat. Annabell finally came around after a few minutes.

“Baby, thank goodness! I thought I had lost you. Please never do that again. I love you darling and I didn’t mean what I said earlier.” Tyler begins to cry again.

“Wh-What happened to me? I saw darkness, pure and utter darkness. I was all alone and no one came to save me.” Claudia walks in with the paramedics and instantly falls on the ground next to her beloved daughter.

“Honey, what made you think you had no other way, no one to talk too? I have always been here for you and so hasn’t your father. We have our moments now and then, but we love you deeply.” Luke and Tyler went into the other room as they took Annabell away to the hospital.

“Tyler, we may not know you well as we would like too, I am forever grateful that my daughter had you.”

“Sir, you don’t understand. She tried to kill herself over me.”

“Tyler, I know. Even if it were over you not marrying her, or running away or what ever, you still came and woke us up and tried to save her life. With saying that, Tyler, when ever you are ready for her… I give you my blessing.”

Tyler smiles through his tears, “Thank you sir, I really do love her so much. I only said I wanted to put my education first.

“Say no more, Tyler. Welcome to the family.”





Are you wondering what happens to Annabell? Or if they get married? What happens to Luke and Claudia? Find out in the next story. 🙂