There’s a girl hidden in the mirror, she says she’s too ugly to appear into public. I have seen her from time and time again, she’s the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. But who can really tell, I mean honestly, this girl is me.

The girl is she

Her eyes shine like beauty

And she glistens as the sun above her

She runs a million miles

And sways like the wind

But who is she really?

Who is she gonna be?

Who the girl is she?

For she is the woman she is finally meant to be.

The nameless

The sky was just as beautiful as she

The gracefulness in the center of her eyes

Those that see beneath the pain can feel the truth

She has tender wings that can’t hold much

When they give up the fight then she will fall beneath it all.

That is the journey for which she must face.

Work got me like…

Working is hard, I’m on my feet literally all day. I work hard for what I have, though it may not be much. At least I try in life, at least I know that if I keep myself on this path, things will look up for us.

I can’t wait to show you guys pictures from my new camera, I’m super excited!

I should be getting more stories in soon. I apologize in advance I am working tons of hours at my job.



She cries at the thought. She can’t stand to be without.

She shouts to the moon, and prays to the stars.

She will come back again.

She will find her way again.

She lost herself in the beginning, but now she saw the path.

Can she do it? Or will she be torn away again.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been getting sick but no worries tomorrow is a new day and I think I can manage a poem or two. Thank you all for taking a sneak peak at my site. I hope you guys are enjoying it. Please take a look at the forum for more


I have the inspiration

I have the goals

I have the funds it takes

To finally become someone

Can you imagine 

Can you see it

I used to be a nobody

But now things have changed

I can see the future 

I can see the light