Her eyes sparkle like the moon in the sky

Her skin so soft just as the sand on a beach in the summer

She thought it through and over thought it

How could it take her so long to notice

She has the symptoms, though there is no cure.

She must carry through, no matter how hard.

She knew the outcome, she knew this would happen.

This girl shall conceive if it’s the last she will do

It’s not about her anymore

It’s not her choice

It was her decision

And she must carry it out


I thought I could do it, I couldn’t.

I am not the girl who dares to dream.

All I want is you, next to me.

You came like a thieve in the middle of the night.

You changed me.

Oh how I always thought love came from television.

It was something I had searched for.

I finally gave up to let my body be numb, like the ice beneath us.

That’s when you found me there, lying as still as a rock.

You are my Boulder.

You are my strength.

You are mine.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been getting sick but no worries tomorrow is a new day and I think I can manage a poem or two. Thank you all for taking a sneak peak at my site. I hope you guys are enjoying it. Please take a look at the forum for more

Holding on

She sees the future and it seems so close

The irresistible touch and the soft sweet dreams all seem so real

She can barely touch the dreams she has

The dreams she’s been holding in so near

She wonders how she can allow herself to make those dreams real

The dream of her future she sees

The kiss of an Angel and the echo of the leader gets into her mind

As she sings the song of harmony

And hums the lullaby of love


I have the inspiration

I have the goals

I have the funds it takes

To finally become someone

Can you imagine 

Can you see it

I used to be a nobody

But now things have changed

I can see the future 

I can see the light


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Ya won’t regret it

She thought she had it all but little did she know everything was crumbling under her feet

As time went on she soon discovered the sad truth

She tried to pull herself together

Things only fell apart sooner

That’s when she paused and knew she could do this

She just needed the inner strength to pick her up from falling down, from falling behind

Now she knows the beauty in herself and couldn’t be happier with anything else

Some days, I want to look at the world 

Other days, I hide within the rain

Some days, I can be myself

Other days I can only pretend

It’s only a matter of time before I discover my happiness

It’s only the time to prey and look beyond the ugly

Anything is possible you just have to believe.

You can be happy, even when anything else looks grey and distant


That girl you used to know, remember her?

The one who loved to dance and sing?

Do you remember when she began to write?

Or when she first found her happy place?

It was when her family all got a long.

Do you remember when she felt normal and in with the world?

Do you remember when that girl shut down?

That poor girl everyone thought she was making her emotions,

Little did they know she really was confused.

She still can’t find herself and no matter how she perceives herself,

She still can’t find it in herself to please everyone.

This girl still tries to make the impossible finally able to be possible.

This girl still fights battles every waking day.

This girl doesn’t even know where to begin to fix her past.

She still doesn’t know how to fix her future.

This girl is me.