Her eyes

She’s the beauty queen in every story.

She doesn’t see what everyone else does.

She thinks she’s nothing special

But deep down she is truly something special

From years ago up until today

She had always believed someone was going to save her.

But little does she know, she could only save herself.

She can see the fame towards the end of her tunnel of struggles


People may call me fat,

People may call me ugly,

But who really cares?

I can hear what they say

I can see how they laugh,

But who really cares?

The kids with perfect hair and who have all the money in the world

They see me carrying bags of clothes down the road and they laugh at me,

They grin from ear to ear and snicker as loud as I can hear so they make a point,

Whats my  point?

Who really cares

When things get bad

please always remember

that people care for you

People love you

Please try to remember

that where ever you are

Someone is there

We as the Earth connect into one

We must stand with one another and fight for each other

We must love one as we love another

We Are One

Do it

If I told you that it was easy

Would you believe me?

Would you believe in every little piece?

You can do it,

Even when you have beauty and grace.

The timing is right so you can try.