The sky

The sky is finally blue in her eyes.

Her life seems to keep track.

She is begging for her beginning.

She knows she can do this.

She lives

She lives on ice cream and sweets

She lives on making budgets and failing them

She lives according to plans 

Yet she lives according to her 

She lives because she does

It is the time of helping hands.

She wants to save the world, 

She can only do so much. 

She can only have so much grace.

Who am I

There’s a place between perfect and imperfect and the decision can be yours

From my thought that gathered so

I see all that I wanna be.

I’m the girl who will help a blinded soul

And I’m the girl who follows her dreams.

I am a girl who loves the Earth and sky

I am everything I need to be

I am me

Life’s Greatest Challenge

I have always noticed that things get harder as we all get older.

Growing up and seeing everyone you have ever loved just simply fade away….

They fade away like white dust that flies through the wind in the summer..

I don’t understand why people must go on or why they have to die, but maybe one day the answer will soon be known..

I see people on a daily basis.. Some seem okay and normal for a change, others are walking around like they are zombiefied, but me?

Where do I fit in?

Somedays I feel alright while other days my mind steadily creeps behind..

Lurking in the dark and wanting to control, I have yet to let my soul decide.